Eye Floaters: When It’s Time to Worry

Most of the time, they’re annoying but harmless

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

The last time I visited my parents, I admired the view of the bay they have from their back deck. Above the water was a clear blue sky, filled with — eye floaters. Yep, everywhere I looked there were little spots and squiggly lines zipping around in my peripheral vision.

I’ve been nearsighted almost all my life, so that makes me more prone to eye floaters. And I’m not getting any younger, and eye floaters are more common as you age.

The good news is, eye floaters on their own are almost always harmless. If you have eye floaters, you might want to have them checked out if they come on suddenly, if you see light flashes, or if you have pain or decreased vision. Those signs could mean you have another eye condition.

Here’s how a Banner Health ophthalmologist explained it to me:

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