Here’s Why You Gain Weight When You Get Older

And how you can fight back and stay healthy

Image by Amanda Oliveira from Pixabay

I was one of those people who didn’t have to worry about my weight for years. I ate mostly healthy foods, but I didn’t worry about how much avocado, Greek yogurt, or olive oil I was eating.

Even when I gained weight during my two pregnancies, I lost it soon after. My weight settled into a five-pound range and stayed there.

Until it didn’t.

As I got older, my weight climbed to the top of that range and kept creeping up. My jeans were getting tighter and my runs were getting slower. I finally joined the ranks of people who have to worry about their weight.

It turns out, as you get older you can eat the same foods you always ate, in the same amounts, and you’ll probably gain weight. There are scientific reasons behind it. But there are also steps you can take to fight back and maintain a healthy body weight.

Here’s what a Banner Health doctor told me about gaining weight as you get older:

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