How to Stop Your Phone From Stressing You Out

No digital detox required

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Unless I’m sleeping, my phone is almost always within arm’s reach. It’s what I use for my work phone calls and texts, so I keep it by my side during the day. In the evenings I use it to play Words With Friends, learn Spanish, and manage my finances.

That all feels productive and doesn’t stress me out.

But I also get sucked into social media. Ill pop onto Facebook “just for a minute,” and look up 20 or 30 minutes later. Sometimes, I’m aware that I’m not even interested in what I’m looking at, but yet I keep looking.

It turns out, social media, and our phones, aren’t all bad. We just need to know how to stay in control and fight the pull of apps that are designed to keep us staring at our screens.

I talked to some mental health experts for an article I wrote for NBC TODAY, and they gave me 6 solid tips for using my phone without letting it stress me out. Here’s what they shared:

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