It’s Not Good Stress or Bad Stress, It’s How Much Stress

How to reframe stress to work for you, not against you

Change the way you view stress (Image by Rondell Melling from Pixabay)

I am one of those people who put stress into “good” or “bad” buckets. If the event triggering the stress was positive, like starting a new job, that would be good stress in my book.

Something negative triggering the stress, like missing an important deadline, meant the stress was bad.

But I talked to a couple of experts as part of my research for an article for NBC TODAY. And they told me that I’m looking at stress all wrong.

Whether I see the event as positive or negative, stress is just stress. Our minds and bodies don’t differentiate based on what triggered the stress.

And we all need a moderate amount of it to thrive. With too little, we’re unmotivated. With too much, we’re overwhelmed.

Here’s what the experts shared with me:

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