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3 Things You’ll Stop Worrying About Once You’re an Experienced Writer

How to Write Faster and Better with the Staircase Strategy

How to Take Your Writing From Okay to Awesome

He Said/She Said/They Said: How To Get Gender Right in Your Stories

How to Write Conclusions That Satisfy Readers

4 Editor-Recommended Strategies That Can Sharpen Your Writing

How to Trick Your Brain and Get Writing When Flow States Aren’t Happening

What I Learned from My $4,000 Writing Mistake

How to Write a Long Article Without Feeling Stuck

How to Shift from Disappointment to Hope after a Rejection

How to Tell If You’re a Bad Writer

10 Sharp Tips From a Top Restaurant to Grow Your Writing Career Now

13 Ways to Analyze a Top Writer’s Work So Yours Can Shine

Sharpen Your Grammar and Vocabulary Today with This Innovative Strategy

How Tracking My Time Makes Me a Better Writer

12 Questions to Ask Before Taking on a New Client

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Be a Writer

6 Ways I Was Wrong About Grammarly

Useful Kernels You Can Pull from Bad Writing Advice

How To Work Smarter With AI Transcription

How to Write a Solid Email Even if You’re Not a Writer

Why I Don’t Regret Giving Up on My Novel

Use This Mindset Shift to Interview Experts with Confidence

The 13 PR Mistakes Killing Your Pitches

How to Home in on the Right Unsplash Image

Don’t Throw Away the Yellow Pages Just Yet

Health & Wellness

How To Improve Your Mood With Behavioral Activation

The Crazy-Simple Way to Tell if You’re Doing Meditation Right

How a Short, Simple Breathing Exercise Can Shift Your Mood

How to Tell if Meditation Is Working for You

7 Processed Foods Your Body Wants You to Eat

Why White Flour Is Worse than You Think

5 Non-Weird Foods Your Gut Wants You to Eat

3 Ways to Get More Vitamin D and Keep Your Immune System Strong During the Pandemic

How I Lost the 12 Pounds I Gained During the Pandemic

5 Brain-Boosting Foods This Neuroscientist Wants You to Eat

12 Teeny-Tiny Tweaks That Can Make Your Diet Healthier

6 Hard Truths I Had to Face After I Tracked My Food for a Month

The Embarrassingly Obvious Way to Get Your Phone Out of Your Bedroom

Here Are My Problems with Going Back to the Gym

Cooking & Home

3 Things I Would Do Differently if My Kids Were Little Again

14 Kitchen Hacks Every Adult Needs to Know Now

4 Easy Ways to Waste Less Food and Save More Money

These 5 Affordable Kitchen Tools Will Make You a Significantly Better Cook

7 Simple Ingredients That Will Make You an Insanely Better Cook

Stop Telling Me to Plant a Pandemic Victory Garden

Eating Your Vegetables Shouldn’t Feel Like a Punishment

How To Make Top Dollar Selling Your Stuff Online

How to Furnish a Cute Patio on a Tight Budget

Personal Growth

4 Personal Growth Skills Content Creators Should Master

4 Interpersonal Skills Content Creators Should Master

3 Money Management Skills Creative Professionals Should Master

Do You Really Think Bill Gates Folds His Own Laundry?

4 Science-Backed Ways to Be Creative When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

How to Be More Grateful if You’re Not a Gratitude-Journal Person

4 Ways to Grieve the Little Losses and Find Hope and Happiness Now

6 Life Lessons You Can Learn from Making Cocktails

Your 20-Year-Old Self Doesn’t Want Your Life Lessons

How to Redesign Your Life Right Now

8 Quotes About Resilience to Reframe Your Thoughts Today

3 Things to Start Tracking Today if Your Life Is a Hot Mess

How ‘Awe-Spotting’ Can Make You More Positive

How to Solidify Your Good Habits with the Right Rewards

The Most Effective Way to Design New Year’s Resolutions, According to Experts

How I Stop My Email from Stealing My Creative Energy


10 Simple Time Management Hacks That Boost My Productivity

What Can You Learn from Taylor Swift’s Pandemic Productivity?

5 Simple Ways to Hack the Pomodoro Technique and Increase Your Productivity Today

How to Optimize Your Productivity with 75 Screen-Free 5-Minute Work Breaks

The Experts Are Wrong: 7 Ways Multitasking Can Boost Your Productivity

This 1 Simple Analysis Will Boost Your Productivity Immediately

Power up Your Productivity with This One Sure-Fire Hack

The Zero-Effort Health Hack that Boosts My P.M. Productivity

5 Creative Ways Local Businesses Can Sell More

Books & Writers

6 Timeless Books That Can Help You Live the Life You Want

9 Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for the Writer in Your Life

Meet the 22-Year-Old Poet Reading at Biden’s Inauguration

9 Unexpected Ways to Rethink Your Finances Today with ‘Your Money or Your Life’


How to Format Articles for 26 Medium Publications

How to Place Your Stories in Top Medium Publications

My Painfully Honest Recap of 2 Months Writing for Medium

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